We don’t know everybody

responding to Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!

We tend to remember better when we see in clusters of three to four words. It’s the classic cluster reading—unpredictable in practice, easy in theory. Knowing that this in theory is easier than in reading practices, we can imagine when the teacher broke the news, “Cluster reading improves your reading comprehension and reading speed!”


It’s not the same with sketching. We don’t draw 3 drinks in one go. Not for speed, and not for comprehension. On the contrary, everything is drawn one by one even when everything is a cluster of things. And we draw layer by layer. That way it’s easier to focus on the right things.

Our list of things that come together in threes:

123 car, keys, driving license

456.png glass, water, straw

789 coffee, sugar, cream

101112.png the Bronte sisters

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