What to do when you’ve got a drawing tablet in mind

Working on one of our minimals has brought us to the  decision of adopting a drawing tablet. It’s sort of like choosing a kitten at the animal shelter, but harder.

We’ve been seeing Microsoft Surface Pro 4 giveaway contests and ads for Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 online, but on every YouTube video we watch the instructor seems to be using a Wacom pad.

Figure out more details

We knew we should get a Wacom tablet straight away because we’ve been exposed to sooo many digital artists, young and old, new and veterans, that are using a Wacom tablet. This made up our mind for us. We just didn’t know which one to get.

Wacom has re-introduced the new versions of its Intuos Art, Draw, Photo, Comic and 3D late 2015. It was crazy to think that we were only a tablet away from a mega mind masterpiece, but we sure felt like that.

The pressure sensitivity of a Wacom tablet was 1024 for all of its Intuos series. Some other drawing tablets, such as Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga and Cintiq13 HD, has higher pressure sensitivity. This level of sensitivity means the harder you press onto the tablet, the thicker the line would be.

Or, you could just get the pen…

Flowed with a Wacom pen

If we were not getting a Wacom Intuos tablet, we knew what we would do. We’d just get an Apple Pencil and draw on an iPad! Ta-da! Brilliant idea! This was never an option before, because our iPad was always busy with other things. Always busy. A-l-w-a-y-s.

So, maybe get one of those digital pens for sketching for a change. Here are some that caught our quick glance:

Apple Pencil 

The Apple pencil costs US$99 and can be purchased from the Apple Shop under Apple Pencil. It seems to be generating positive reviews. But it’s not a pen, it’s a pencil.

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

For US$199 we get the new generation Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ and companion app. One of Etsi’s favorite brands in the past for notepads. Replacement notepads for the set costs about US$34.

Adobe Ink & Slide

We have no idea where we could get one of these. They cost $29.99 for a stylus pen and a Slide or ruler, and the package is called Adobe Ink & Slide.

What we’ve learned so far is that there are many more new brands that are providing affordable digital drawing tablets online. We checked out Amazon, and the reviews were fantastic (4 to 5 stars) for these brands: Ugee, Turcom, Monoprice, Huion. We’ve never heard of any of them before.

Design your own??

Oh, you meant you wanted to design your own drawing tablet set? Why don’t you?! We’d be more than happy to try it out and review it for you. (By more than happy, we mean in a good way.) Just be sure to include us in the beta testing phase.

Responding to Daily Prompt: Protest.


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