The New Story

This very minimal records our relationship with digital arts, discovery of sequences in learning how things came about, insight into our studies. We call it The Minimal Web. This is where we keep all our learnings, past, present, and future. They consist of ideas, finished pieces, works in progress, as well as collections and musings.

Illustrator and designer Lovelli Ariesti a.k.a Etsi is both the founder and owner of The Minimal Web. We create genuines and remixes based off of the lessons we learned, the courses we took, and the path we left untrodden. (Etsi is also a photographer now; she loves being empowered.)

The Minimal Web started out as a project-based course that we took (and finished!) online. The theme we use is Orvis—a portfolio theme by Automattic. We want to be friends with you!

Drop us a line, learn with us, shop our stores (when they are open) or have a look at our resources. We’re constantly improving ways you can interact with us on The Minimal Web. Please subscribe to stay informed.