How do I subscribe or unsubscribe? 

To follow The Minimal Web via email, enter your email address on the box under the Follow Blog via Email widget. This widget is located to the right of our posts. Once you entered your email address, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email, or you can unsubscribe from your subscription dashboard.

How do I become a guest blogger? 

You need to be our friend first.

How do I become a friend? 

The Minimal Web has Let’s Be Friends menu to the right of the blog posts. There are plenty of things to do. You can connect with us by leaving a message on our Connect page. Browse through our learning resources and shopping options, or check out the Resources section for useful links and freebies.

Can I sing you a song or add some music to your melody? 

No. Absolutely not.

Please connect with us by leaving a comment on our posts. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out this free course on Commenting Basic. Once we have an audio section for our interactions, you will probably have that option. At the moment, though, we are not accepting any songs or background vocals to our melody.

Do you teach how to blog about arts? 

We are planning to do just that. If you would like to get involved in learning how to blog, please leave us a message. Just say so in the comment. If you have good to great resources on an interesting topic (ex: how to blog about arts) you can let us know in your message. We will do our best to review them.